Archaeological Centre of the Medieval Wall

Discoveries beneath the streets of Santander

Beneath the Plaza de Velarde, also known as Plaza Porticada, you will find this space, which in ancient times, was part of the ‘Puebla Nueva’ of the medieval town.

In this visit, you will discover how the residents of Santander lived at that time; the different activities they carried out and see where the two gates allowing entry to the town where located, the Don Gutierre de Escalante Gate and La Mar Gate, in addition to being able to discover the famous medieval wall of which a stretch measuring around 25 metres in length and 2.5 metres in height has been conserved.

But you will not only find the famous wall in this centre, but also objects of great interest that were found during the recovery of the space such as, for example, ceramics from Santillana del Mar, square-mouthed jars, coins from different periods, pipe fragments from the 16th century… and many other objects.