The Fire of Santander

Santander rising from the ashes of the fire

The fire that occurred in Santander in 1941 was one of the greatest disasters that the city has experienced throughout its history. The fire started on the 15th of February and in less than 48 hours it had razed the entire historic centre. 377 buildings were destroyed, amongst them were over 1783 homes, 508 businesses, 9 printing presses and 105 hotels, boarding houses and bars.

Owing to a project that was started in honour of the 75th anniversary of the accident, both residents and visitors can now discover what the small northern city was like before the 1941 disaster, as the urban outline of Santander, along with its social side completely changed.

To do this, a cultural, tourist route was created: the Route of the Fire, thanks to which the Santander of 1941 can be compared with the city of today through photographs from the time superimposed onto reality in the ten most representative places that the fire razed. Through them and the information indicated at each point, the historical evolution of the city over the past 80 years can be understood more easily.

In each destroyed area, a series of illustrative panels can be found, with QR codes giving access to the history, details and curiosities that help to recall and remember the lost city of Santander.
We propose that you should do this incredible route full of curiosities and secrets, a magnificent plan that must not be missed. You won’t regret it!

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